Memoirs of a Malayan Family, Written by Themselves

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Oriental Translation Fund, 1830 - 84 pages

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Page 64 - Javanese, and is much venerated by them. The Company have some warehouses on this island, for salt ; but the chief use they make of it, is as a place of exile for criminals, who are employed in making cordage, and over whom a ship's captain is placed as commandant.
Page 82 - Daman?; the consequence of having quitted their native land. The sons were separated and scattered over different countries, to which their fortunes happened to lead them. Some remained in the island of Percha (Sumatra), some went to the island of Balli, and some to those parts of Java that lie beyond the jurisdiction of the Dutch Company. These were their resting places. Like birds they directed their flight to wherever the trees of the forest presented them with edible fruit, and there they alighted.
Page 6 - fruit of my heart and light of my eyes, preserve as a " sacred deposit the advice that I now give you. When " the decree of the Almighty shall have been fulfilled with " respect to me, and by my death you shall have become " your own master, avoid carefully to contract debts. If " your capital should be insufficient for your employing " it in mercantile adventures, cut timber in the woods, " dispose * The price paid to the planters, at that period, by the English Company, was fifteen dollars the...
Page 35 - Arabs,J and in playing on all kinds of • This seems to be a little indulgence of personal vanity, on the part of the auto-biographer. f He appears to have held an office in the sultan's household corresponding to that of our master of the ceremonies, or of the revels. His name is singularly contrasted with his duties ; but from its sanctified import, it is probable that he may have had the superintendence of the haram. f The text says, " skilled in playing with, or performing the dabus,".
Page 18 - Malays, and employed in the transport of pepper. These were obliged to take out passes for their voyage from Nakhoda Muda, and to produce them on their arrival at Bantam. In this manner he advanced in personal consequence, and rose in the esteem of the inhabitants of the place. The native Lampongs, the Javans, and the Malays, were equally attached to him.
Page 7 - Makuta breathed his last, in the country of Piabong. The commands he gave were listened to with attention by Nakhoda Muda, who treasured them up in his heart and never swerved from them. About three years after this event he married, according to the mode termed semanda,* a person from Samangka, the daughter of Nakhoda Paduka, who at his death left only this child, whose name was Radin Mantri.
Page 4 - Jor, que encontrón: muitos, e tomando-lhes os necodás, que 1 Nakhoda. A Persian term adopted by the Malays, denoting a person who is at the same time navigator and owner of a trading vessel, a condition of much respectability amongst these commercial people».
Page 7 - For an explanation of this cognomen or titular name, termed galar, see Hist of Sumatra, p. 285. " dispose of it, and raise a capital ; catch fish in the sea, " dispose of them, and raise a capital ; but do not dare " to run in debt, either to the sultan, the Company, or " any individual. Observe this injunction, my dear son }w Shortly after pronouncing these words-, Nakhoda Makuta breathed his last, in the country of Piabong.

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